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Project Ghana

Hickleys have just completed installation of Car and Truck MOT testing centre in Ghana. This was a full fitting including Lifting Ramps, Brake Testers, Wheel Alignment, Headlight Alignment, Emissions TestersAir Conditioning Service Equipment and the latest MOT testing software. We also delivered a full training program for the use and maintenence of the equipment.

As a part of a Ghanian government initiative to improve the safety of vehicles being used on it's roads, the intention is to install a number of MOT stations throughout Ghana over the next 2 years. Hickleys are proud to be partnering Young and Partners (Ghana) in this venture.

Hickleys GhanaHickleys Ghana


Simply Diagnostics Show - 2014

This year's Simply Diagnostics show, our annual show dedicated to diagnostic equipment of all types, will be held over the weekend of July 12th - 13th 2014 at Advanced Diagnostics Ltd, in Nuneaton, Coventry.

If you are interested in diagnostic equipment the Simply Diagnostics show will be the place to go in 2014.

Invitation is by ticket only so ensure you register and receive your ticket. Come early to get your breakfast roll & coffee or burgers and hotdogs.

For full information and registration click here --> Simply Diagnostics

Simply Keys

Simply Keys

We are pleased to announce that our 7th annual Key Programming Show, Simply Keys, will be held over the weekend of 31st May - 1st June 2014, at Advanced Diagnostics in Nuneaton.

The invitation is to all existing users of Advanced Diagnostic and Zed-Bull products and other invited customers.

The shows held for the past 7 years have been a tremendous success with well over 200 customers attending each day. The various training sessions are of great value to new and existing users and there were some fantastic deals on offer including software and associated equipment. Don't miss out this year! Reserve your place now. Click Here to register


Seahorse....No job is too big!!!!  Hickleys Technical Services

In late 2012, Hickleys were commissioned to design and install the electrical, heating & A/C systems for 9 purpose built Ducks (amphibious vehicles) for Samsung Everland in South Korea.

This project extended over many months from September 2012 to August 2013. The electrical systems were designed from scratch
to incorporate engine management systems, switching to instrumentation, fuse and supply distribution boards, Interior & exterior lighting, PA system, bilge pumps, electrical control systems for the hydraulic systems for the drive for land and water. This involved designing and construction, planning & making the various wiring harnesses, working with other contractors to plan an efficient and cost effective installation. The majority of equipment was sourced by many suppliers; Britax for the multi function switch gear, windscreen wiper mechanisms and lighting parts, VDO for the instrumentation, Vision Alert for the camera monitoring systems, Cable House for the wiring harness cabling, Coach Tek for the PA systems and Cargo for the cable sundries, relays and connectors etc. The final vehicle was
completed and shipped out to Korea for the grand opening of the theme park in August 2013.


Hickleys Appointed Distributor for Airlift

Hickleys are pleased to announce that we are now distributors for “Airlift Performance” air suspension products. These kits will get your car 

Airliftlower than any coil suspension while still providing crisp handling and a smooth ride. The progressive rate air springs used allow a low ride height without excessive bottoming and increase in stiffness as the body rolls. You will love your car on the “twisties” and get massive respect at the shows.

In order to achieve the lowest drop, Air Lift springs compress to an amazingly short 2·3" height, which is more than enough to tuck wheels hard if they clear the fenders! As always, Air Lift includes a comprehensive instruction manual to make the install as easy as possible.

So stop living the static life of scraped bodywork, difficult entryways and arch gaps. Enjoy the flexibility and racetrack proven performance that only Air Lift

No Problems - Only Solutions

Hickleys Ltd. have been offering "Specialised Services" for more than 50 years. Automotive Technical Workshops
We have kept pace and have continually invested in the latest equipment to carry
out the test, repair and installation of many services and products. Our two technical
workshops have qualified technical staff that can discuss your problems and plan a
diagnostic solution for you, hence our motto: "We don't have problems, only solutions"

Visit our Technical Workshops page




Hickleys Launch the Zed Full - One-Stop Immobiliser System

The long anticipated Zed Full has finally arrived. A major breakthrough in transponder key replacement, the Zed Full performs Key Zed Full - Complete transponder key systemProgramming, Transponder Cloning and Eeprom functions all wrapped up in one convenient device.

The Zed-FULL is the most professional and unique "all in one" immobiliser device in the world, the mixture of fixed & crypto cloning, remote cloning, transponder editing, eeprom programming and OBD key programming offers many leading solutions not available on other devises. The tool also offers a variety of purchase options to that gives the greatest flexibility on outlay and coverage.




Full Details for Zed Full

Hickleys appointed distributor for An-San Key Cutting Machines 

Ansan Vehicle Key Cutting Machines

Hickleys have been appointed distributor for the An-San range of key cutting machines. The range includes, Cylinder, Laser, Tibbe and Mortice key cutting machines. They are sturdy and produce a quality cut normally only possible with higher priced Key Machines. The An-San range are durable and are available at very reasonable prices.

Zed Bull - Beware of Fakes!
The unstoppable production line of fake goods coming out of China seems to be more prevelent than ever. Never more so has the phrase "buyer beware" been so true. Lets be clear... The Zed Bull is not manufactured in China. The Genuine Zed Bull is made in Turkey by manufacturer Istanbul Elektronik Anahtar. So Chinese traders claiming "direct from the factory" prices will definately be selling fakes.
Why is this so important?
Like most fakes, they will not perform as well as the real device and in some cases can corrupt the information on the ECU resulting in expensive damage that cannot be claimed for under product liability insurance. The manufacturer and it's official distributors will not provide support for these devices (tracable by serial number) and once the software is out of date they can not be unlocked or updated.
So, if the price looks to good to be true (typically around 500 Euros) and is on a slow boat from China - leave well alone!

Hickleys Appointed Worldwide Distributor for Code X CodeX Eeprom reader
In recognition of Hickleys technical knowledge and superb customer support services we have been appointed worldwide sales and marketing agents for the Code X Eepromming Kit.
For use alongside a tranponder minipulation device (such as the Zed Bull) the Code X Eeprom Reader allows the Key information to be read from the ECU - Perfect for reproducing keys when all spare keys have been lost.
If you are interested in becoming a distributor for this product please contact

Distributors Required

Hickleys are are looking for Distributors and Resellers for their superb range of Automotive products. Product ranges include:

Automotive Diagnostic Testers
Vehicle Key Programming Equipment
Transponder Cloning Devices
Automotive Locksmith Tools
Car Key Cutting Equipment
Vehicle Wiring Testers
Garage Workshop Tools

We are particularly interested to hear from distributors in the following countries:


Please contact

Your Repair Facility Is Much More Efficient Using Your Smoke Pro

Smoke Pro Leak Detector
By drastically reducing the amount of time spent on diagnostics, you will be able to do more repairs in less time. If you have a fixed number of vehicles you will be able to service the fleet with fewer people. Fleet managers from some of the finest companies trust the Smoke Pro to keep their vehicle fleet running properly and their repair facilities operating efficiently. Some of the organizations that arm their fleet crews with the Smoke Pro include the FBI, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, US Navy, Hertz Corporation, US Border Patrol, as well as many cities, fire departments, and municipalities. In addition, the best national automotive repair companies trust the Smoke Pro to deliver accurate and efficient results include Pep Boys Auto Centers, Monro Muffler/Brake, AAMCO, Meineke Car Care, Tuffy Auto Service Centers, Canadian Tire, Midas, and many, many more. Imagine your results if every mechanic in your company had the ability to fix more cars in less time. Begin using your Smoke Pro today and you have customers return with more business, not complaints or come-backs.

What is a Transponder?

Love them or loathe them, we have all pretty much accepted transponders as being a part of the key cutting business.

Over the past decade as our trade has caught up with the technology so the automotive industry has moved it on. The past couple of years have seen a number of advancements by the major players in the replacement key market. Perhaps the biggest being the ability to clone Texas fixed code and Texas Crypto chips thus allowing the independent Key Duplication service provider to extend the range they offer and ultimately increase their profits. Even so, there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty in the trade about investing in the equipment needed to programme transponder keys. It is easy to assume that most of us know what types of transponder we can and can’t do , what equipment we need as well as what keys to use. But the fact remains that some of us just don’t understand it and are reluctant to make the move, so let’s go back to basics.

What is a Transponder and how does it operate?

A Transponder chip is a small device encapsulated in either carbon or glass which transmits a pre-programmed code. The word “Transponder” is basically a shortened version of the words “Transmitter” and “Responder”. It is a miniaturized electronic chip that has a non-volatile memory; this type of memory does not need a constant source of energy to retain information. The transponder chip is made up of 2 main parts; the circuit board which retains the information and the transmitter aerial which sends the information when the chip is activated.


The aerial is basically a length of copper wire which is closely wound together, very similar to an electric motor. This allows the transponder to transmit information to within a radius of 300mm.

How Transponder Keys Work

When the key is inserted into the ignition the transponder is activated by the receiver which is located around the ignition lock. This is also known as the “challenge”, when the transponder chip is activated is omits the stored code by radio waves. The radio waves are then sent to the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This is known as the “response”. If the ECU recognizes the code sent then the vehicle will be allowed to start.



Transponder Keys
The transponder chip is nearly always located in the bottom half of the key head which allows the chip to be as near to the receiver as possible. The radio waves from the transponder can penetrate materials such as rubber

and plastic making it ideal for use in the head of a key. The operating frequency of transponders fitted to vehicles is 125 KHz. The main manufacturers currently developing transponder systems are Philips, Texas Instruments, Temic and Megamos.


Transponder chips were introduced In Germany during the early 1990’s when the Allianz Insurance Group forced the automotive industry to adopt immobilizer systems on all new cars.


The Transponder key was the solution to a number of problems, it made cars virtually impossible to steal and stopped the large number of fraudulent claims being made by people who at the time were selling their cars into other countries and then going on to claim the car had been stolen. At the time lost and replacement keys had to be reported to the Insurance Company because they would only pay out if all the original keys could be accounted for. However, over the years the replacement key market caught up with this technology and forced the automotive industry into introducing more advanced systems and so the rolling code and crypto transponder systems were put into play. The three types of transponder used in the automotive market today are;

Fixed Electronic Code

Each key has a different electronic code written to it. These codes are permanent; they are not altered when the engine is restarted. These are easily duplicated using a stand-alone transponder duplicating machine.


Rolling Electronic Code

Each key has a different electronic code, which is re-written each time the engine is started. Only the immobiliser manufacturer knows the procedure by which the code is changed. These are mainly used by BMW and Mercedes- Benz. We currently cannot duplicate or provide replacement keys for this sector.


Crypto Electronic Code

The transponder memory is protected using bi-directional encryption of data.

Internal algorithms are configured to interpret the messages sent from the transponder to engine control unit. This is similar to password protection. Until now, these keys had to be programmed to the car. This was done using a diagnostic entry tool which would programme the Crypto and some Philips Crypto transponder keys can now be duplicated using the latest stand alone transponder duplicating units. Although cars using the fixed code systems decreased, demand has stayed high due to the build quality and longevity of the vehicles, as the ownership increases so does the key usage. Now that technology in our market is changing and we are able to duplicate some types of Crypto transponder, the market is set to increase and now is a good time to get on board.

Making a car key is not difficult - honestly!
We had a stand at the last Automechanika show in Frankfurt. We were surprised at the number of German nationals who did not think it was possible to make an after-market car key. The general belief in Germany is that the key must be supplied and programmed into the vehicle by the main dealer only. 

From the experience of the successful and ever-expanding autolocksmith trade in the UK and many other parts of Europe we can tell our German friends in the Automotive and Locksmith trades that you are missing out on a massive and highly profitable opportunity. It is not only possible, but in most cases relatively easy to produce a car key and what is more, there are good profits to be made.

There are basically 3 levels

1. Car Key Cloning. The simplest level. Involves reading the chip in the key and copying the information to a new chip. You then copy cut the existing key blade and insert the chip into the new key shell. The key is ready to start the vehicle.

Unfortunately not all vehicle keys can be cloned. We recommend the Zed Bull or the AD900pro for key cloning
2. Car Key Programming - You purchase the key and chip. Using a programming device plug into the vehicle's OBD socket and program the key(s) in the vehicles ECU. There are very many variants on the programming procedure depending on the manufacturer/model/year. With some vehicles you can use an after-market key with others you must use a genuine key from the main dealer.

We recommend the MVPpro from Advanced Diagnostics or the Zed Full for key programming.
3. Eepromming. This method is mainly used when all existing keys have been lost. You clip a fitting onto the Eeprom chip in the vehicles ECU (sometimes this can be done in-situ and sometimes you have to de-solder and remove the Eeprom chip). You then read the chip which will give coded information to produce a key ready to start the vehicle.

We recommend the Zed Bull in conjuction with the CodeX Lite for Eeprom reading
This device reads the Eeprom chip and produces a dump-file. This is then de-coded by the Zed Bull which can then produce a transponder and show the Key cutting information.

Key Cutting. There are many different types of key cutting machine depending on the type of key you want to cut and whether you have an existing key to copy (cut to copy) or if you are cutting from code. for information see
You can download our key programming catalogue with descriptions and prices - here
As prices and availability constantly change we do not produce a printable catalogue for key blanks and transponders. You will find these here -

We also run Autolocksmith training courses here in the UK (in English) for cloning/key programming/eepromming - for details see